Our Services
Sustained attention and concerned about the safety study, cultural adaptation problems and student's studying mentality
Oversea Assistant
Oversea Assistant
The overseas assistant will lead the students when they face to any problems. We care about the emotion, education and situation of the students.
Guardianship Service
Guardianship Service
Connecting students, parents and school. To face any emergency, caring student's daily and feedback to their parents at once.When student studying abroad, the guardians will offer the best supervise and management for them.
Academic Counseling
Academic Counseling
Haitu Club affords academic counseling serivce for students who are struggling with academic problems.
Fundamental Service
Fundamental Service
Fundamental service includes the basic requirements for students who are new for the country and school, such as opening bank account, orientation of the school, and other kinds of service the students need when they just arrived.
Haitu Club offers individual accommodation counseling service, which includes homtstay, share house, and hotel to the students.
Specialization Service
360 °online community club, we will stand by your side all the time.
  • Living
  • Guidance
  • Living Strategy
  • Visiting Services
  • Mental Health and Counseling
  • Academic
  • Academic Counseling
  • Oversea Internship
  • Career Planning
  • Employment Training
  • Legality and Safety
  • Emergency
  • Escort Service
  • Legal Assistance
  • Document Signature
  • Member Activities
  • Membership Interaction
  • Social Activity
  • Oversea Visiting
  • Socializing
Concentrate on personalized VIP follow-up services
24/7 living assistant services for student, parents no longer worry about the distance and jet lag.
Overseas Security

Personal security includes social , personal, and emotional security.

"Culture Shock" Adaptation

How to get used to the life style in a new place?
How to communicate with people from all over the world?


How to face the “homesick”?
When some unexpected events happen and you do not know what to do, when something is bothering you, when you are struggling in life stress, or when you are in a relationship crisis.

Younger Age Trend
There is no doubt that companion is the most important and neccessary element for students when they are studying in foreign country. We help student to understand the local customs and legislation.